The Archon Wars

Enemy Camp

Session 2

With the Urdefhan revealed, a Claw is formed to find their camp. But reports of attacks within the borders of Divir are troubling as well, and the threat within may need to trump the threat from without.

Receive letter
-From contact/employer
-Needs us after lunch, tavern along river
-Unsigned, sealed with hawk in flight (same as last session)

After lunch, in walks our contact
-We are the only ones here other than the staff

Has another task for us
-Follow up on the last mission
-Interrogated the Urdefhan, learned things
-Thinks we know where they are
-Collecting human body parts and onyx, so necromantic
-Across the river; we have a fort by there
-We are “officially” on leave right now
-Claws and hunts are disappearing; found remains of a camp site that looked like they were ambushed, ripped to pieces, but not harvested

His name is Aodh
-Official rank is Lt, but mostly does unofficial black ops

We hit the road, follow the river to the outpost
-Ambused from he river by some big gross frog fiend thing
—Hydrodaemon, from Abaddon, aligned with water/acid, spit can put you to sleep, otherwise pretty normal evil outsider

Trudge through the forrest the rest of the day, starts to thin out to savannah as we get closer to the outpost
-Every so often see old battlegrounds (bones, broken weapons, etc.) from the last war
-Make it to outpost by nightfall
-Bunk for the night
—During watch, seems like not a lot of people are here in the outpost
—Lot of activity outside the bunks, but not in the bunks
—Party in the courtyard (gambling, drinking, etc.), seem rowdy
—Light is on in the command office
—Nothing really happens during the night; guards walking the wall, etc.

Wake up an hour before sunrise
-Guards on the wall collapse in the bunk
-Mess tent is rowdy, everyone seems tired and are all armed
-Two men in the corner talking, there is an eagle on the table with them

Ryan sits at a table talking to soldiers
-They lost half the outpost, having problems
-Scouts are missing, constant attacks on the outpost (arrows, spells over the walls; shadow hounds inside, etc.)

Alexis and Rico talk with the men at the table with the eagle
-Telvish is the druid here, did not name his animal companion
-Cmdr Collven is the other guy at the table
-lost 12 men, attacked out and inside the fort by shadow beings, arrows from the outside
-Scout have gone missing, so stopped sending out scouts
-Can’t see where the arrows are coming from, just see humanoids in cloaks firing longbows
-They were sent here with 3 months of supplies, so well supplied
-Messages from the outpost not making it back to town
-Incidents started a few weeks ago
-Last attack came from the NW

Info on the geography
-Strategic, flat in all directions
-2 hour walk to river tributary
—Possible that shipments from town were coming to here?
—Timing seems about right, may have accelerated their plans
-East is mountains after a lot of walking, NW is towards the ocean (more plains, about a week walk from the ocean), we came from the SW

We leave, heading towards the NW
Track near the wall, see 3 sets of tracks that looked like from archers, tracks then head west
-Big cat smells rotting meat
-Find a large area where nothing is growing
—Standing stone originating from before the wars began
—Magic is radiating off of this, but hibernating (not active)
—The magic placed here is keeping it clear so nothing can grow
—Radiating moderate abjuration magic (additional very dim auras of other types)
-See 4 figures hiding (3 in cloaks, and a hulking beast covered in hair with a gorilla’s head w/ horns)
—Creature is a Ape Daemon (Ceustodaemon), SA breath weapon (fire) & SLA’s that are movement based, resistant to cold/elec/fire, immune to acid,¬†
—Cloaked creatures are Urdafhen
—One of the cloaked figures runs away, and we give chase…
-And catch him! ¬†Interogation next time…


squirrel13 Karilmat

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