The Archon Wars

Session 3

We’re chasing the urdefhan as he was running and tun into an old cemetery where 3 creatures are at a Church door pounding and we hear movement inside.
<cut> Tony’s character is about to get slaughtered (trapped in the old church)
- We all attack. Creatures die
- We meet Tony’s character in the Church
- search bodies: mithril shirt, 2 potions
- We continue to follow the Urdefhan we were chasing- more plains than forest now except for some patches of trees.
- He vanishes into a cave which ends up being a dungeon. Rurisk runs in and kills the Urdefhan and we explore
- Old blood scattered throughout dungeon room, not smeared but spattered
- find prision- kill zombies
- next room with alter and book on it (Dummie’s guide to vivisection). Chests and barrels in the room are filled with onyx
- Big nasty in next room (snake inhabiting gigantic zombie body)…. killed (finally)
- We find magical items: Chimes, longsword, 2 potions and 2 wand (1 wand of bless, one unidentified) and a scroll
- giant archway hanging in the room with nasty looking runes, detects as moderate divination. We strap it to the barbie’s back
- explore the rest of the dungeon: waterlogged crates we had seen going downriver.
- Kill some gambling Urdefhan, find a chest! :) treasure: lance, bandage-ish things with arcane script written on it and another potion, all magical
- We went back to the cemetery with the church and drop off the archway.
- Session ended


Here is a run down on the magical gear you all have picked up so far:

Session 2
Ring of Feather Fall
Ring of Sustenance
Ring of Swimming

Session 3
Mithril Shirt
Lance +1
Body Wraps of Mighty Strikes +1
Longsword +1
Chime of Opening
Scroll: Cause Fear
Potion: Cat’s Grace
Potion: Resist Energy (cold)
Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion: Bear’s Endurance
Potion: Remove Disease
Wand: Bless
Wand: Haste

Session 3
squirrel13 alexisannwilliams

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