The Archon Wars

Return to the Watchpost
Cut Scene

After retracing your footsteps and regrouping, you all find your way back to the watchpost from which you had all come. It’s early morning as you approach, but you do not see guards at their post or hear morning revel.

As you draw closer, you see the gate is still barred, but once more, no one challenges your approach nor do you hear the soldiers’ morning routines. It takes a few minutes, but you are finally able to work the gate open large enough to slide through.

On the other side is a massacre. The dozen or so corpses you find scattered about all appear to have been caught by surprise during the evening activities. Soldiers lie unarmed in some locations torn to pieces by massive claws. Many grip weapons, but none are marked with the blood of the enemy they fought.

You find the watch commanders office, with the door locked from within. Forcing it open, you find the commander and his druid advisor at the large desk, as if still in conversation, except both are slumped over, eyes wide with fear, and not breathing.

Any questions?

Session 3

We’re chasing the urdefhan as he was running and tun into an old cemetery where 3 creatures are at a Church door pounding and we hear movement inside.
<cut> Tony’s character is about to get slaughtered (trapped in the old church)
- We all attack. Creatures die
- We meet Tony’s character in the Church
- search bodies: mithril shirt, 2 potions
- We continue to follow the Urdefhan we were chasing- more plains than forest now except for some patches of trees.
- He vanishes into a cave which ends up being a dungeon. Rurisk runs in and kills the Urdefhan and we explore
- Old blood scattered throughout dungeon room, not smeared but spattered
- find prision- kill zombies
- next room with alter and book on it (Dummie’s guide to vivisection). Chests and barrels in the room are filled with onyx
- Big nasty in next room (snake inhabiting gigantic zombie body)…. killed (finally)
- We find magical items: Chimes, longsword, 2 potions and 2 wand (1 wand of bless, one unidentified) and a scroll
- giant archway hanging in the room with nasty looking runes, detects as moderate divination. We strap it to the barbie’s back
- explore the rest of the dungeon: waterlogged crates we had seen going downriver.
- Kill some gambling Urdefhan, find a chest! :) treasure: lance, bandage-ish things with arcane script written on it and another potion, all magical
- We went back to the cemetery with the church and drop off the archway.
- Session ended

Enemy Camp
Session 2

With the Urdefhan revealed, a Claw is formed to find their camp. But reports of attacks within the borders of Divir are troubling as well, and the threat within may need to trump the threat from without.

Receive letter
-From contact/employer
-Needs us after lunch, tavern along river
-Unsigned, sealed with hawk in flight (same as last session)

After lunch, in walks our contact
-We are the only ones here other than the staff

Has another task for us
-Follow up on the last mission
-Interrogated the Urdefhan, learned things
-Thinks we know where they are
-Collecting human body parts and onyx, so necromantic
-Across the river; we have a fort by there
-We are “officially” on leave right now
-Claws and hunts are disappearing; found remains of a camp site that looked like they were ambushed, ripped to pieces, but not harvested

His name is Aodh
-Official rank is Lt, but mostly does unofficial black ops

We hit the road, follow the river to the outpost
-Ambused from he river by some big gross frog fiend thing
—Hydrodaemon, from Abaddon, aligned with water/acid, spit can put you to sleep, otherwise pretty normal evil outsider

Trudge through the forrest the rest of the day, starts to thin out to savannah as we get closer to the outpost
-Every so often see old battlegrounds (bones, broken weapons, etc.) from the last war
-Make it to outpost by nightfall
-Bunk for the night
—During watch, seems like not a lot of people are here in the outpost
—Lot of activity outside the bunks, but not in the bunks
—Party in the courtyard (gambling, drinking, etc.), seem rowdy
—Light is on in the command office
—Nothing really happens during the night; guards walking the wall, etc.

Wake up an hour before sunrise
-Guards on the wall collapse in the bunk
-Mess tent is rowdy, everyone seems tired and are all armed
-Two men in the corner talking, there is an eagle on the table with them

Ryan sits at a table talking to soldiers
-They lost half the outpost, having problems
-Scouts are missing, constant attacks on the outpost (arrows, spells over the walls; shadow hounds inside, etc.)

Alexis and Rico talk with the men at the table with the eagle
-Telvish is the druid here, did not name his animal companion
-Cmdr Collven is the other guy at the table
-lost 12 men, attacked out and inside the fort by shadow beings, arrows from the outside
-Scout have gone missing, so stopped sending out scouts
-Can’t see where the arrows are coming from, just see humanoids in cloaks firing longbows
-They were sent here with 3 months of supplies, so well supplied
-Messages from the outpost not making it back to town
-Incidents started a few weeks ago
-Last attack came from the NW

Info on the geography
-Strategic, flat in all directions
-2 hour walk to river tributary
—Possible that shipments from town were coming to here?
—Timing seems about right, may have accelerated their plans
-East is mountains after a lot of walking, NW is towards the ocean (more plains, about a week walk from the ocean), we came from the SW

We leave, heading towards the NW
Track near the wall, see 3 sets of tracks that looked like from archers, tracks then head west
-Big cat smells rotting meat
-Find a large area where nothing is growing
—Standing stone originating from before the wars began
—Magic is radiating off of this, but hibernating (not active)
—The magic placed here is keeping it clear so nothing can grow
—Radiating moderate abjuration magic (additional very dim auras of other types)
-See 4 figures hiding (3 in cloaks, and a hulking beast covered in hair with a gorilla’s head w/ horns)
—Creature is a Ape Daemon (Ceustodaemon), SA breath weapon (fire) & SLA’s that are movement based, resistant to cold/elec/fire, immune to acid,¬†
—Cloaked creatures are Urdafhen
—One of the cloaked figures runs away, and we give chase…
-And catch him! ¬†Interogation next time…

Session 1 play time
Barbarian + Hunter + Cat

Two Talons between missions find themselves investigating a strange question: who is buying all the onyx in the city of Silkainen and why
[[:pc-williams | Specialist Lessa[[:pc-miller | Specialist Rurisk]]]]
Location: soldier’s camp of Silkainen. Setting: War hasn’t started yet, we’ve had skirmishes but no action, just training exercises.

Notes received: meet at Inn midday, get a drink, keep quiet. Inn is a civilian type of tavern
We buy food and drink with coin provided, seated at out of the way table. We chat, introduce ourselves, a man (no name, reachable at this Inn) comes over in light leather and introduces himself. Story: a merchant in town buying “spell components” (assumption this is what it is for). He’s looking for someone to investigate as unusual for foreign merchant to buying up items. Merchant is from out of the forest. He’s been buying onyx (mainly for use in necromatic spells) for several weeks. He’s been followed and lost everyone. He’d like us to talk with merchant, follow him and find details. He gives us a bag of 1000 gp worth of onxy. Try to sell to merchants but don’t sell the onyx and let him find us. Merchants to try: Crick (basically a fence and connector). No address or other information available on Merchant X.
Crick’s diamonds is a nice place, built from stone, dimly lit, lots of merchandise and he’s a well to do looking merchant. Looks like he is profitable and capable. Lots of things- think nice pawnshop. We show him a sample and say there’s more to be found. Refuse to sell it, arrange to meet him or his arranged contact tonight at Inn with dinner. We talk with other various merchants and then go to the tavern we set up the meet at. Waitress takes our order and as walks away a ‘man?’ with a dark cloak is right behind her and sits down at the table. He looks at our onyx, offers 2000 gp for the bag (we were originally told 1000 gp worth of onyx) and possible rights to mine at 10000 gp. Plan to meet back later to discuss further at this Inn.

We follow him to the warehouse district. In the warehouse, he meets with 2 creatures with cloaks and big swords along with mud elementals. During surveillance, we see the mud elementals taking crates to the dock and dumping them in a rowboat. Eventually, boat is full and 2 mud elementals take it down river. Another mud elemental takes crate out and dumps it in the river (whoops! no boat). We fished it out and looked in- horrific smell, when unpacked found to have human body parts packed in the crate. The other hooded creature our merchant met went to the opposite warehouse and started eating a vivisected human, and we were able to subdue him, take records and sent a message to our employer with the location and information we have so far. We go to attack the merchant and his friend. All of them have been revealed to have transparent skin, we don’t know what they are. Mud elemental becomes mud and everything else dies, one of the creatures tries to explode (but wasn’t successful). We loots- strength bow 18 + stuff including magic short sword. We find more crates full of body parts, crates of bones, LOTS of sacks of onyx.

The barbarian stays to guard our prisoner and I head back to the tavern and meet up with out benefactor at our booth drinking an ale and relaxing. I review information with him and we go back to the warehouse. Note as our benefactor walks, he moves very quietly and appears to have had significant training (likely some military). Barbarian intimidates prisoner- asks 2 questions: where from and where did boat go? A: to out camp north of the river. Benefactor and I arrive. Identified creature as an Urdefhan (cross-bred creature from the lower planes, part of our adversaries army- not good for us with them running around) and he touched creature’s chest at his heart, we see a rippling effect and benefactor says he won’t be exploding.

Done for the evening- off to Inn for baths, food and rest

The Onyx Merchant
Session 1

Four Talons between missions find themselves investigating a strange question: who is buying all the onyx in the city of Silkainen and why?

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