Character Creation

The following rules govern how to build a player character. Links are spread throughout that take you to the applicable area of the Pathfinder Reference Document.

Race: Human
Humans are the dominant race in the Divir, while other races have been either pushed into the furthest reaches of the world or driven to extinction. Although other races with human ancestry exist, they are not so populous yet (or accepted by society at large) to be feasible player characters.

Alignment: Any nonevil
Although all alignments are represented withing Diviran society, it is rare for evil characters to support the military outside of mercenary duty. Player characters are expected to defend their nation to help others, not solely for the pay or the thrill of killing others.

Class: Select your character’s Class.
All classes are available, however some archetypes are not. Consider any achetype that would make the general public uncomfortable (vivisectionist for alchemists, for example) are restricted. In addition, any divine spellcasters such as Clerics, Paladins, and Rangers, requires special consideration.

Character Background: Select Backgrounds
A character does not appear out of no where, they are born, grow up, have relationships, and train before they adventure. To represent this, player characters should select traits related to their Circumstance of Birth, Homeland, Parents’ Profession, Major Childhood Event, and Training.
The backgrounds selected determine what character traits you may select. Note that at character creation you select two character traits only, so additional traits are opened for later but you do not get all of them.
The following backgrounds are restricted -

Homeland: Use the Human and Unusual Homeland Tables, but do not select Planar.

Circumstance of Birth: Player characters cannot select Adopted Outside of your Race, Born Out of Time, or Reincarnated as traits.

Parents’ Profession: No restrictions.

Nobility: If a player character selects as a Circumstance of Birth that they are noble, they can only select Gentry or Knight as their rank.

Major Childhood Event: No restrictions.

Training: No restrictions on the class backgrounds.

Influential Associates: We are not using this or any table beyond this one for player characters.

Ability Scores: Point Buy, 20 points.

Experience Progression: Use the Medium Progression Table.

Starting Experience: 15,000

Starting Wealth: 10,500 gp

Equipment: Player characters may select equipment from any of the following sources.
Armor – Any
Weapons – Any
Gear – Adventuring Gear, Tools and Skill Kits, Clothing, Entertainment and Trade Goods, Food and Drink, Alchemical Remedies, Alchemical Tools, and Alchemical Weapons
Magic – PCs have access to a specific set of magical equipment, as follows:

Alternate Rules: This setting will be using optional rules presented in several supplemental texts. Those rules are listed below, with any changes for this specific setting.

Vitality/Wound Points: All characters will use this system, as presented in Ultimate Combat.

Hero Points: All player characters, and a limited number of nonplayer characters. The rules presented in the Advanced Players Guide are active, except characters begin with 2 hero points per game session. Additional hero points can be gained through the hero point feats, spells, magic items, or heroic acts. However, any of these that supply additional hero points only add 1 hero point to the character.

Character Traits: All characters begin play with 2 traits. These traits are drawn from the character’s selection of backgrounds and the human traits presented in Ultimate Campaign.

Commonplace Guns: We are using the Ultimate Equipment rules for making early firearms more common.

Honor and Favor: All characters gain a reputation as they adventure. This is represented by an Honor trait and Favors owed.

Honor – This functions as a reputation, much like as described in Ultimate Campaign. Characters with high Honor scores will find it easier to move through the world of humans, as they are known to wider circles of influence. All characters begin with an Honor trait equal to their character level and Charisma modifier.

Favor – Characters accumulate favors as they adventure. Powerful humans who have hired them or appreciative towns that are glad for the adventurers cleaning out a goblin nest can give characters Favors. Each Favor can be spent for the equivalent of 500 gp unless it is specifically stated to be used for an alternate purpose, such as a specific item or service.

Character Creation

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