Forest of Divir

Before the invading legions of infernals came from the north, human empires spanned the continent from coast to coast. Divir was part of the western empire, called Irivah. When the wars began, the empires splintered into smaller regions, often bordered by natural barriers. Divir was fortunate having not only the sea to its west, wide rivers to its north and south, and snow capped mountains on its east, that prohibited armies from easily crossing into the forest. Unfortunately, Irivian engineers had long ago cleared tracks of forest and laid highway to travel between the cities. The Diviran military knew that should an army cross into the forest, they would follow these roads and conquer each city quickly.
The Diviran generals chose to restore the forest in order to stop any such attack from succeeding. With the aid of the druidic circles, Divir sundered its highways and moved its trees to block what remained. When Osirit’s legions arrived, they found no cities, only endless, virigin forest. None the less, they invaded, and discovered the alliance between the Diviran military and the druid circles had matched military knowledge with the stealth of the druids’ rangers. No legion that entered was ever seen again.
For eight generations, Divir has preserved its freedom, but at the expense of its neighbors. The last remaining freeland, to survive, Divir must now take the offense and not just make it clear that conquering the land is impossible, but to destroy the infernal legions so they cannot threaten them again.

Diviran Cities

Diviran Military Structure


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