The gods searched the ether for centuries, until they came upon a dead world that suited their needs. This world was ready for them, all they needed to do was seed it with life. The sun was ignited to warm it and the soil given the ability to sustain life. Then, they added life and plant life to the oceans. After that, they waited for the world to evolve to what it was destined to be.

Age of Bones
Before humanity came to walk the world, there were monstrous beasts that ruled the lands. Although no human lived then, the bones found in remote parts of the world tell a story of a brutal world ruled by massive beasts.

Stone Age
The first appearance of humans came during this age. Humans grew in a southern land now lost to them. They lived in furnace meant to forge them into their gods’ weapons. Here they competed not only with predators for survival but enemy tribes. Only the strongest survived, and even then, only rarely.

Flint Age
An enormous leap towards their future stature as the dominant race was when humans discovered fire. This single act drew their gods’ attention, and soon they had a weapon against every other living creature. With the discovery of fire came magic. Shamans gazed into the flames for visions, magi used it to scare and burn predators, and druids learned to sculpt the terrain by controlling its burn. It was not long before humans made contact with their gods, and once they had, the fighting between the tribes stopped and humans began organizing.

Copper Age
Humanity’s organization led to the written word. This allowed humans to record their history, instructions for others, and teach others. Humans proved to be extremely adaptive. Before the end of the age, they had begun their march north into lands controlled by other races and making contact with them.

Bronze Age
Before the end of the last age, Humans had spread into other lands and began settling. At first this was welcomed by their new neighbors. But the growing human populations began to concern the elves and dwarves. War was not far behind, and the humans’ gods drove them to completely conquer these new lands. Within an age, nonhumans were driven north or to the furthest corners of the new lands. Soon, humans dominated the central continent and built a new homeland for themselves.

Iron Age
Discontent to remain in the lands they had conquered, humanity began to explore the northern continent, looking for new land to rule. There travels brought them to the homelands of the orcs, goblins, and other violent non-human races, who fought back.
No record of the battles between humans and these races exist in the southern lands, but within a few centuries, the victorious humans returned, carrying the religion of a dead god with them.

Steel Age
The current age. Started with the death of Cryon, god of war, humanity has fought eight wars with the legions of the god, Osirit.


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