Humans were born into a world they were destined to rule. Or that is what their gods told them. They grew up quickly, discovering magic and their gods when they were still hiding from predators. In a few generations they were rulers of their homelands, but their desire to conquer all they could see drove them to look north, towards the lands of other races.

The Great Migration led humanity into the lands of other races. Dwarves, elves, gnomes, and halflings did not understand what humans were. They watched as this new race settled in, building villages and soon cities. They exploited the land around them, until their neighbors pushed back. And then there was war.

Over generations, humans fought with the other races, steadily driving them further and further away from their cities, until the few survivors fled north or hid in the deepest holes they could find.

With a new homeland secured, humans sprawled out and built empires. It was only a matter of time before another continent was discovered. The northern most cities discovered and laid claim to it first. Abandoning their homes, they took ships across the sea to another land, where they vanished for centuries.

Believed lost, humanity forgot their lost brothers and sisters and continued building their empires. Soon, they had built their cities and established their borders, and began warring among themselves. It was then that those lost to the north returned, driving before them hordes of monsters. Humanity drew together and fought back, forcing the northern armies into a stale mate.

With their war stalled, the northerners called upon their new god, a creature worshiped by the monsters they had conquered named Osirit. This god came from the blood thirst and madness of the creatures that it ruled, and brought forth demons and undead abominations. What had looked to be a war stopped turned into one just beginning.

Humanity found itself in retreat as Osirit’s infernal legions drove them back. Lands were soon overrun and the great cities burned. But the gods heard their children’s prayers, and Cryon, the god of war, took to the field himself to slay Osirit. Unfortunately, although he was a warrior without peer among the gods, Cryon was no match for Osirit, a being of pure madness. Humanity watched as their god died at the hands of their enemy, but his death won them a reprieve, as Osirit’s forces were depleted and the god itself sought retreat to lick its wounds.

This became known as the First Achon War. Since then, seven more gods have fallen:

Tromos, the King, during the Second Archon War
Aeslu, the Harlot, during the Third
Medishei, the Gentle One, fell next in the Fourth War
Stratum, the Wanderer, was slain during the Fifth
Nakt, the Lord of Pain, met his end at the end of the Sixth Archon War
Zicle, the Earth Mother, died defending her children during the Seventh
and Ferron, Lord of the Forges, died bringing forth the fires of his forge during the Eighth

Each god gave their children a reprieve. But each time, Osirit returned.

Nemus, the Lord of Songs and Knowledge, is the last god, and he has, so far, made it clear he has neither the desire or the will to die in battle. The most pragmatic know this, and they lay plans to defend themselves in the absence of their god.


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