The player characters have been fortunate to be raised in peace. The armies of the north have not threatened the south for a generation. But now, word has spread that the infernal legions are once more crossing the sea for an invasion.

Although the Diviran Forest is far from the front lines, it is one of the last safe havens of humanity. Early during the Archon Wars, the Diviran Druids used their magic to destroyed the roads between their cities so armies could not pass through. Then, the Archmages constructed gateways between the cities so men could travel without fear of the monsters that might haunt the forests. This has kept them safe for eight generations.

Now, the other nations of man have fallen or soon will. Divirans know that they may be safe in their woods for now, but when their enemy is on all sides, they will be forced to face them. Better to face them in battle with their last remaining allies than be the only ones left.

The player characters have either volunteered, been chosen, or for some other motivation decided to join the Diviran military. Men and women from throughout the region are gathering to train and organize. But without roads, arrivals stagger in slowly, and when they do arrive, they discover the Divirans do not plan to build a massive army to fight back. No, the arrivals are sorted into small teams, and the plan is to bring chaos and pain in so many places and from so many directions that Osirit’s forces will learn not to step into their forests ever again.


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