The Archon Wars

Return to the Watchpost

Cut Scene

After retracing your footsteps and regrouping, you all find your way back to the watchpost from which you had all come. It’s early morning as you approach, but you do not see guards at their post or hear morning revel.

As you draw closer, you see the gate is still barred, but once more, no one challenges your approach nor do you hear the soldiers’ morning routines. It takes a few minutes, but you are finally able to work the gate open large enough to slide through.

On the other side is a massacre. The dozen or so corpses you find scattered about all appear to have been caught by surprise during the evening activities. Soldiers lie unarmed in some locations torn to pieces by massive claws. Many grip weapons, but none are marked with the blood of the enemy they fought.

You find the watch commanders office, with the door locked from within. Forcing it open, you find the commander and his druid advisor at the large desk, as if still in conversation, except both are slumped over, eyes wide with fear, and not breathing.

Any questions?


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