Specialist "Irritable" Bob

Lawful Neutral Fighter (Polearm Master)


STR: 18
DEX: 15
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 10

HP: 58
FORT 6, WILL +2, REF +2, Bravery 2
AC: 18, T: 13, FF: 15
BAB +6/
Class Features: Armor Training 1, Weapon Training 1
Feats: Weapon Focus (Polearms), Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Cleave, Dodge, Weapon Specialization (Polearms), Mobility, Combat Reflexes
Traits: Killer, Resilient
Skills: Climb – 1, Intimidate – 5, KS (Dungeoneering) – 1, KS (Engineering) – 1, Profession (soldier) – 2, Survival – 5, Perception – 3
Equipment : Halberd +1, Masterwork Chainshirt +1


Bob was what the other state troops called a “Grizzled Veteran.” At the advanced age of thirty years, he maintained a certain degree of reputation, at least among rank-and-file soldiers. He carried a considerable amount of girth, too hard and solid to be fat,which made him instantly intimidating to look upon. Accentuating Bob’s build was a lumpy, bald head covered in cuts and scars that made him resemble a map of Marienburg roadways. Nobody in the regiment dared to attempt a conversation with Bob, which he was perfectly fine with. Bob wasn’t even his full name, and the others would sometimes guess as to what it could be. Bobinor? Bobzelbub? Instead of asking Bob his actual name, and thereby creating a situation more potentially awkward than wiping one’s mouth with a Thane’s beard, they decided to bequeath unto him a secret title: Irritable Bob.

While nobody flirted with the danger of calling him Irritable Bob in his actual presence, somehow the name seemed to follow him wherever he went. No matter the region, the company, or the circumstance, even when nobody had any idea who he was, the men would eventually take to calling him Irritable Bob.

Ever since his thirteenth year, when he could carry a drum and march with an army, Bob had been fighting for the Empire. He had been in countless battles, primarily because he never bothered to count them, and nobody else survived them all to keep a record or tally. Not even the Imperial treasurers would have a record, as Bob was often paid for his service in chickens.

Inevitably,a young recruit would ask, “If he has survived so many battles, isn’t it good luck that he’s in our unit?”

This was often accompanied by a sharp slap to the back of the young man’s head, and an explanation that Bob was typically the only member his unit that lived to fight another day.

Bob’s reputation for bad luck far outweighed the aspects of physical intimidation he could offer, and so he would never be made a sergeant. Considering how important intimidation is for the duties of a Sergeant, it was obvious even to the officers, that soldiers would have felt safer around Bob if he had developed an addiction to eating warpstone.

Specialist "Irritable" Bob

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